Our Vision

As Latimer Education participates in increasing access to education for Black Americans, we strive to:

  • Have an impact on closing the achievement gap between Black and White students
  • Focus on super-serving Black students while welcoming ALL students of any race, ethnicity or culture
  • Treat our students as our Most Important Things and show them love, empathy and compassion without compromising our standards
  • Leave our partner college(s) materially better off than they were before we became partners
  • Embed excellence into everything that we do
  • Be obsessive about quality, service, reliability and value
  • One day, graduate more Black people in a year than any other college or university in the world
  • Have fun, never take ourselves too seriously and laugh often
  • Generate out-sized returns for our investors
  • Never rest, or rest on our laurels, in pursuit of our mission; when we achieve one goal, we raise the bar, or find a new one to pursue